Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Linux for housewives. XP for geeks

ZDNet article on shifting Linux demographics. (substitute "server" with "sub-$300 PC")


Adriel M said...

As much as I like Linux, it still won't do what housewives need it to do as easily.

Put a newb on a Linux box, and ask them to upload pics from their digital camera to Facebook (or whatever).
Try the same thing on a Windows box.

Ask them to plug in a webcam and chat with their friends, or put in a new wireless card and connect to the internet.

Linux can work ok for consumers when you've got utter control over the hardware (like an Asus laptop that has everything included), but driver support and usability will get you everytime.

If desktop OS innovation slows, Linux may be able to catch up.

surferb said...

Perhaps harder to support devices now, but getting simpler day by day. There's no inherent reason why it couldn't be easier (think OS X). I don't know that installing a new wireless card is any more difficult, except maybe that the directions were written for Windows.

In any event, I'd count Vista as "Desktop innovation slowing down" - MS is giving everyone a chance to catch up.