Friday, October 8, 2010

Computing Without Boundaries

Steve Hechtman, the President of Inductive Automation, has been busy updating his blog, Computing Without Boundaries. It's a fantastic, albeit biased, prospective on modern technologies, methodologies, and considerations for modern Industrial Software applications. Taken with a vendor neutral approach, his points focus on today's issues and technology on the forefront. He isn't afraid to lay it down with points of frustration, digging into his 26+ years as an Industrial Integrator, which can be quite entertaining as you relate it to common situations. He sometimes relates the approach that Inductive Automation uses, justifying exactly why it makes sense in each case - to the Integrator and end user. Definitely worth a read. In fact, leave a comment or two.

Retro Encabulator interview

The Retroincabulator video makes me laugh every time I see it. Tim managed to get an interview with actor Mike Kraft about it. Sweet!