Monday, January 21, 2013

Gary Mintchell with Inductive Automation on technology

This postcast is almost 2 years old now, but still relevant. Gary Mintchell discusses: Linux, Mobile, SQL Databases, MES and OEE, and other topics with Inductive Automation. Very insightful.

Gary Mintchell, Editor in Chief, discusses database technology, data connectivity, what today's engineers need to know, OPC UA's future and more software topics with engineers at Inductive Automation (  Approximate time: 39:22.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Laughable security (in SCADA)

I've been preaching about the lacking state of computer security in SCADA for years; that networks will not stay isolated, proprietary, and protected.

This post really sums it up. Here's another really scary one.

The solution, at a minimum, is to apply standard IT practices to your industrial processes. Better yet, consider your architecture holistically with "Defense in Depth" in mind. In any case, have all the experts represented, which includes your IT department.

We should be able to fix this without it getting to the point of regulation.