Friday, July 25, 2008

Java VM on way for the iPhone

Su-weet! You know what this means!? FactoryPMI on an iPhone or iTouch. What a cool idea! Unfortunately, they're currently only developing the ME (Micro Edition), which may only contain a subset of the necessary JVM.

It's good to see this level of commitment from Sun. Java is moving forward without support from Apple in this arena. It reinforces the applicability that Java is powerful on the cutting edge in the client/UI arena, not just with Servers/web applications!

update - Walt Boyes is talking about an SPC application for the IPhone on his blog.


Adriel M said...

Hmmm; mobile, touch-screen HMI/visualization. Operators running around in plants with iPhones. . .interesting.

Jacob said...

I love my iPhone. It just keeps getting better.

muthu said...

Really very interesting this site.which kind of software's are supported to i-phone.just keep in touch.

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Eshanvi said...

Thanks for this interesting and informative article. Keep writing!

Nathan Boeger said...

Looks like a no-go. It's a politial move by Apple, not a technical problem.