Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rockwell Automation selects Matrikon OPC for FactoryTalk Suite

Press release from Matrikon and Rockwell Automation submitted to

It looks like Rockwell is finally learning not to try to reinvent the wheel with every product (ie homecooked remote DCOM via RSLinx Gateway) in favor of getting professional support from those that know best. Customers will be getting the benefit of OPC Tunneller (very important now for most remote cases, they could have already used but probably didn't know it, should become obsolete with OPC UA). They also get the benefit of various DCS, telemetry, and PLC drivers. I'm not sure what "IT" drivers are but it sounds good. New (and highly promoted) are building automation drivers such as: BACnet, Johnson Controls, and LonWorks, which is a welcome natural fit to HMI and SCADA systems.

I believe Rockwell has been working with Kepware's KepServer EX for RSView. Correct me if I'm wrong - I don't think it would help with programming tools (read RSLogix) or the FactoryTalk versions of their software (read RSView SE series).

It's nice to see more collaboration between industrial software companies.


bkeys said...

Has Rockwell put OPC UA into any of their products yet? I'm thinking specifically of Transaction Manager.

bkeys said...

Has Rockwell implemented OPC UA into any of their FactoryTalk solutions yet? I'm thinking specifically of Transaction Manager.