Saturday, June 14, 2008

OPC UA Coming to life!

Lots more OPC UA buzz - looks like it'll be really materializing soon - hopefully later this year. I personally can't wait! Remember, Iconics and Kepware already pledged to bring an end to end UA solution soon.

Edit - more contributions pointed out by Eric Murphy of Matrikon OPC portal


eGen Team Blog said...

Good article.I would like to see how OPC UA based solutions better enable to solve practical problems of integration between applications in the automation space and the enterprise space.

Vipul Shah

Thomas Burke said...

We are actively working with the vendors who've already built OPC UA shrink-wrapped products, and the volume of end users that essentially are looking for the opportunity for data/information integration between automation and enterprise.

The emphasis on security has become a critical component as well as the information modeling that is the fundamental infrastructure of the OPC unified architecture.

Best regards,
Thomas J. Burke

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