Friday, September 2, 2011

Interesting article - #1 ICS and SCADA Security Myth: Protection by Air Gap

Eric Byers of Tofino Security (they do SCADA security research and have a security appliance) discusses the concept of relying on air-gapping control networks for security. In a nutshell, a modern control network is unlikely to remain physically separated. Even if it is, malware can be introduced via removable media and the system is hard to keep updated and vulnerable to local (insider) attacks.

A system should be designed with security in mind and kept up to date.


Carbide Dies said...

That is interesting, thanks for blowing up that myth... I must say I did believe it.

Nathan Boeger said...

Don't misinterpret the intent of the article. Air gapping or separation in general is a good practice, but don't make that your whole network security strategy!

Most important these days from a security perspective: set passwords on everything (even things like web severs and databases) and keep patches up to date (Windows Update, for example).