Friday, February 8, 2008

Industry news update

Quick summary of industry news, compliments of InTech Editor Greg Hale's Blog. Thanks for the great info!

Wonderware - Predicting growth in Africa. Still working on India, China and Eastern Europe, but Africa's where it's at in the next 30 years or sooner. Full entry here.

Kepware - Partnering with Oracle and adding an OPC Client to their flagship OPC Server KepServer Ex to all pass through support for 3rd party OPC servers including diagnostics. Exciting! Full entry here.

Rockwell/Cisco partnership - release Rockwell branded Cisco Catalyst switches that offer easier configuration, configuration via RSLogix 5000, and pre-canned support for common (Rockwell Centric) Industrial Networking protocols as CIP and Ethernet/IP (Industrial Protocol). It's about DAMNED TIME! I've always said that AB makes good PLCs. They're finally leveraging developed technology for industrial applications instead of reinventing the wheel over and over! That said, I'd fear the price tag! Full entry here.

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