Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A blog is born!

Welcome to Not another Industrial Blog! I'll use this space to point out cool new technologies, geeky news, and whatever else crosses my mind. I never thought of myself as a Blogger, but Nathan Goes to Korea has been surprisingly well received - so successful that I've had to fight off the adwords temptation. It started as a suggestion from a friend - thanks, Adam! And has since become a means of not having to repeat the same story... And I commonly start sentences with conjunctions and prepositions. And I constantly use the "dot dot dot".

Not another Industrial Blog may often be my venting grounds! The forums that I participate in require that I maintain topicality and vendor neutrality - and I have to be political and nice! If someone's a fucking idiot there, I might say so here! If that offends your sensibilities, (or you already left a comment correcting me to 'ellipses'), feel free to take a hike!

That said, I will typically only rant about what I know about! As much as I'd like to join in on Walt Boyes discussion on Slurry Density Measurement - I haven't spent 27 years in that industry! I'll be writing about: networking, databases, PLCs, and trying to figure out WHY PEOPLE CAN'T QUIT TRYING TO USE MICROSOFT EXCEL as an industrial data logging tool. Use it to view your data, damn it! Use it to analyze your data! DON'T TRY TO MAKE IT A DATABASE! It's much worse than Access at that - read: not suitable for your baseball card collection!

Also, I take great pride in my buddies work at Inductive Automation. I truly feel that FactorySQL and FactoryPMI are the best things to happen to industrial software and will gladly defend that claim. Several projects over a few years was enough clunky crap. It saddens me to see how many other users on the forums struggle with poorly written, antiquated software.

If you're still reading, I'm amazed! Let the Blogging Begin!

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